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Flonkin my doinker

15 December
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i like music, i like playing guitar. I snowboard. I mountain bike. I rock climb. I surf. I like to draw. I like to eat. I hate jellyfish.

...lost, acrilics, atlantic beach, authority zero, beautiful girls, bellybutton rings, bitches wif ass!, blue, blue guitar picks, board shorts, bombay the hardway, boxing, brandy, burritoes, bush, buttery turns, captiva island, cartoons, carving, cds, cheez-its, chocolate, coca-cola, commercial pier, croozin the boardwalk, crumping, cuddling, curves, da niggas of sh6, dakine, deerfield beach, deftones, destined for second, everclear, fight club, fishing, flonkin my doinker, florida, fonzie, freeboarding, freestyle 43, friends, frisbi, fruit snacks, fun people, g.love, goldfinger, guitar, gummi dinos, gummi sharks, gummy bears, gummy savers, gummy worms, h2o, high fives, hoobastank, hoola hoops, hugs, ibanez, iws, jack johnson, johnny bravo, juicy fruit, key west, kitkats, laughing, longboarding, lots of dead jellyfish, love, low fives, main daimies, marshmellow peeps, mc chris, mc hawking, momentum, music, my doggy, niggas, ninjas, no leashes, no shoes, ocean, oil paints, on and on, oreos, original skateboards, pandas, peace, pirating, plunder, plundered, plundering, pompano beach, poor specimen, pooty tang, ports, power slides, primus, reef, reel big fish, reggae, relaxing, ren and stimpy, rival schools, rum!, rusty, sandles, scalawags, sector9, sevendust, sex wax, sexy girls, shore, ska, sketching, slaughterhouse 6, smooooth carving, snow, snowboarding, snuggles, soccer, spoon, sticky bumps, stimpy, sublime, sunshine, surf, surf world, surfer pirates, surfing, sweet tarts, taj burrow, tan girls, the september sessions, thicker than water, things that kill jellyfish, toasty, tongue, treasure chests, vodka, von zipper sunglasses, voodoo glow skulls, warfs, wenches, wesley willis, west palm beach, winter, wtf mates?, zoolander